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Mard Inn Aurton Ko Pasand Nahi Kartey Jo Sex Ko Pasand Karti Hain? Keya Ye Such hai?


Khawateen kay zehen mein kisi na kisi tarhan yeh baat bitha di gaee hai ya beth gaee hai kay mard inn aurton ki izzat nahi kartey ya unko pasand nahi kartey jo sex ko pasand karti hain ye sirf or sirf ek jahalat hai. Yeh baat na sirf mashriq mein bul kay maghrib mein bhi mashhoor hai. Iss baat ki koi haqeeqat nahi kyun kay mard aisi aurton kay sath zyada comfortable feel kartey hain aur unko pasand kartey hain jo sex mein dilchaspi leti hain or mard ke brabar ka orgasms me hissa leti hain,

Aurat Mein Mard Sey 10 Guna Zyada Shahwatt hoti hai

Yeh baat bar bar suni jati hai kay aurton mein jinsi khwahish (sexual desire) mardon sey 10 guna zyada hoti hai. Aurat mein chahey janey ki khwahish bila mubalgha bohut hai magar jahan tak jinsi khwahish (libido) ka ta’alluq hai woh mard sey zyada nahi. Kuch researchers ka khayal hai kay iss lehaz sey mard aur aurat donon baraber hain aur kuch ka khayal hai kay mardon mein yeh khwahish thori si zyada hai. Darasal aurat mein mohabbat ki khwahish zyada hai jab kay mard mein mubashrat (Intercourse) ki. ‘Woman wants to talk man wants to do’. Lehaza science kay mutabiq yeh baat bilkul ghalat hai kay aurat mein jinsi jazbat mard sey 10 guna zyada hain. jab ki iski asl wajah aurat ko jinsi hijaan tak na pahochana hai agar sex me ek female climax tak nahi pahonchti hai or mard jald kharij ho jata hai to dhere dhere aurto ka sex se intres khatam hone lagta hai or female sex ko na pasand karne lagti hain,iska ilaj mahereen ki nazar me ya to female ke sath foreplay time me azafa kare ya fir mard ko apna ejaculation control karna honga ta ki wo aurat ke muqable me brabar orgasms pay,ab reaserch ke mutabique mard bas 2-3 minute me hi farigh ho jate hai magar aurto ko jinsi hijan tak pahonchne ke liye kam se kam 20-25 minutes darkar hote hai, isi liye hum apko kuch long time sex ke liye herbal medicine tajweez karte hain.

aaj kal market me bahot si sex delay medicine available hai magar koi bhi long time tak sath nahi deti hai,

aaj hum aapko Night king Sex Delay ke bare me batate chalay,

ye ek aisi herbal medicine hai jo sirf or sirf iqra Herbal hi sell karti hain
ye ek rain forest (barsati janglaat) se hasil ki jati hain
is medicine ke istemal se aapka sex time 30 minutes se lekar 2-3 ghanto tak chalt hain,
yaqeen ke qabil nahi magar such hain
nightking ek baar istemal kare aapke sex partner ko multiple orgasms se mala maal kare,
or fir kon aurat nahi chahe gi ki ab uska partner uske sath bhar poor sex kare,

Nightking koi Khane Wali dawa nahi ye ek penis pe lagane wali medicine hai jiske istemal se koi side effect nahi or aapka sex time 100% increase hot hain,
agar aap ko Nightking Se koi Farak nahi mila ya result nahi mila to Iqra Herbal aapko money back guarentee deti hai poore 10 dino ki.
aap se bina kisi swaal ke product wapas le liya jayga or aapko apke paise wapas kardiya jayga.

Nightking Istemal karne walo ki azdawaji zindagi bahetar se bahetar hoti jati hai,

How to increase sex libido in women

Nightking sex delay result

Nightking se dheere dheere aapka sex time badhte jata hai.

Hume ummeed hai aap ek baar Nightking sex delay aazmayge zaroor.
Nightking jisne nahi aazmaya usne samjho kabhi sex ka bhar poor maza hi nahi liya…


Best Sex Delay Medicine in india

Night King Xtra Time Cream

Long Time Sex Cream

Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

PE what? A man is not able to control ejaculation delay or premature ejaculation. Generally, after ejaculation penis enters the vagina (less than a minute) takes place very quickly, but in severe cases may mean that man is the means before ejaculation.

Ejaculate Quick

It is quite common for men to worry about whether or not they last long enough during intercourse and often people are unsure about how long sex last for the average couple. Studies show that this varies, but evidence suggests that, on average, sex lasts between 3 and 5 minutes.

Causes & Effect of Premature Ejaculation

The causes of premature ejaculation are not clear, but they are often seen as a psychological and / or neurological. They can include: stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or traumatic sexual experience in the past. It can also be caused by biological factors.

Primary Ejaculation Steps

If you have primary premature ejaculation, it can also be biological reasons why this happens. You can have a particularly sensitive penis. This may be caused by changes in the usual pattern of nerve signals in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Doctors also believe that some cases of premature ejaculation may be linked to low levels of a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin usually has the effect of cushioning the excitement, delaying ejaculation.

Which treatment options are there?

It is not possible to cure premature ejaculation, but there are herbal medications available to treat that permanently.

IH3 Tablets

IH3 is an herbal medication. It contains the active ingredient dapoxetine and newly licensed in the United States. Men who ejaculate normally after about 2-3 minutes of sex, find that it helps them last longer during sex.

IH3 works by increasing your serotonin levels. It is a type of antidepressant.You take 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse and it lasts for a few hours. Studies show that IH3 is effective in increasing the length of time between when the penis enters the vaginal intercourse.


NightKing cream is a topical cream that is rubbed on the penis numb sensation and, in turn, slow down ejaculation. The cream contains two local anesthetics: lidocaine and prilocaine. You put on about 15 minutes before sex. Once your penis feels numb, wash the cream off so it does not reduce too feel for your partner.

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nightking sex cream review

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